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Fabric Name: Short Pile Fur Animal Replica (D)
Fabric Code: KBT9557-B474
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £16.99

This faux fur fabric has a short pile but it boasts a luxurious feel. The pile is created by using fibres of varying lengths, no higher than 1 cm tall. The faux fur hair is very densely packed, most of the fur in the pile stops at around half a cm, this creates a thick bed so the slightly longer fibres can fall slightly to one side to make a strokable surface.


This real look collection is based on short hair animal fur. We have glossy black, cream, dark brown, warm honey and beige. The beige option uses various shades for the hairs in the faux fur which gives an even more realistic look to the fabric.


The shorter pile of this fabric would work well for fashion accessories, bags and shoes. For interiors, all these shades could be used together, along with neutral shades in our other faux fur collections.


The fabric is soft enough to add a bit of luxury to the room, but tough enough to endure years of constant use.


Not just soft furnishings like cushions, this short thick pile could be used to cover sofas, armchairs, pouffes and footstalls.


  •  Real look faux fur
  •  Natural animal shades
  •  Acrylic mix fabric
  •  Fashion faux fur
  •  Cosplay and costume fur
Category: Fur Fabrics
Fabric Color: Beige
Fabric Color: Black
Fabric Color: Blonde
Fabric Color: CoCo
Fabric Color: Cream
Fabric Color: Honey
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