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Fabric Name: Mottled Soft Feel Fabric (D)
Fabric Code: KBT9556-B180
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £13.99

A new and unusual addition to our furry collection.The tufted and mottled appearance may make you think it’s a rough fabric but in actual fact it’s extremely soft and quite therapeutic to touch. The cookies and cream shades would make a nice addition to a neutral coloured interior design. Its soft enough to lounge on yet hardwearing enough for constant use. The pile from the base to the fabric surface is around 1cm to 1.5 cm tall and densely woven. The soft fibres used are arranged in a way that groups of the fibres are bunched together and either looped or cut into tufts. This creates a very pleasing texture that can be used for soft furnishings or warm fabric for jackets and coats.


  •  Mottled look fabric
  •  Very soft feel
  •  Acrylic blend fabric
  •  Soft furnishings
  • Coats and jackets
Category: Fur Fabrics
Fabric Color: Mottled Brown
Mottled Brown
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