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Fabric Name: Waterproof Biodegradable Calico
Fabric Code: KBT9451-B370
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £7.99

New to our calico collection is a classic mid weight calico, with two hidden attributes. This calico is waterproof and biodegradable, yes really! The back of the fabric is coated with a white coating designed to block water coming through the fabric. This coating, unlike most other PVC related products will gradually disintegrate in time. This of course will certainly help towards doing your bit to help our environment. Calico is widely used in a large aray of industries. A must for creative teams working in theatre, visual merchandising and events.

This waterproof version adds a very useful protective element to classic use of calico. If you are using it to drape over tables you can still have the traditional neutral look whilst protecting whatever the fabric is draped over. This fabric is also used when making eco caskets. Easily sustainable materials such as wicker, bamboo and recycled card are used to produce environmentally friendly caskets that degrade quickly, the biodegradable calico is used to line the caskets and degrade with them.


  • Fully biodegradable and waterproof fabric
  • Natural calico fabric
  • Ideal table covers
  • Indoor and outdoor use


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Category: Cotton, Canvas, Calico, Hessian
Fabric Color: Natural
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