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Fabric Name: Pelmet Buckram Hessian 30cm
Fabric Code: KBT9449-B153
Fabric Width: 30cm
Price Per Metre: £7.49

This very sturdy Hessian is ready cut to a handy size of 30 cm wide. Ideal for upholstery peplems on sofas and armchairs. Buckram is make by starching the hessian fabric to a point where the fabric is able to stand up of its own accord.


This is the  optimum stiffness for its use in upholstery, displays, theatre props and visual merchandising.


This particular type of buckram has the job of creating a sturdy, flat panel which usually wraps around the bottom of a sofa. This can also be used for pelmets for the top of curtains, or awning canopies. If you are a keen gardener, this 30cm wide buckram could create low garden fencing for vegetable patches to keep different sections segregated. 


  • 30cm wide
  • Ready cut
  • Stiffened Hessian
  • Biodegradable
  • Garden friendly


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Category: Hessian Fabric
Fabric Color: Natural
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