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Fabric Name: Grey Wolf Long Hair Fur (D)
Fabric Code: KBT9402-B477
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £16.99


 Imitation fur for the wolf fans out there, or possibly the werewolf fans. This extra-long pile recreates the look and feel of real long hair animal fur. Natural fur grows at different lengths, a thick base which keeps the animal warm then more hair grows further to create the smooth outer part of the coat. The first part of the fake fur at the base is the thickest. This part has fibres densely packed between 1 and 5 cm tall. Then there are fur fibres which reach up to 15 cm in length; these rest above the thick pile and create the long hair coat.

This faux fur is rolled and ready for Halloween. If you are into your Twilight werewolves, teen wolf, professor Lupin or your own cute fuzzy variety of wolf, grab some of this fur and create your bespoke costume. This grey wolf fur is of a very high quality so it would suit costumes that need to look realistic. Theatre, film and TV costumes and cosplay makers would all find this fabric great to work with. Its easy to cut and shape and can be used with fabric glue to add onto costumes.


  •  100% Acrylic fabric
  •  Dry clean only
  • Fashion faux fur
  • Cosplay costumes fur





Category: Fur Fabrics
Fabric Color: Grey
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