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Fabric Name: Teddy Bear Stretchy Fun Fur (D)
Fabric Code: KBT9388-U2
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £16.99

The perfect fabric to snuggle up to, this short clipped fuzzy fabric has a silky soft feel that has to be touched. The fibres of the fur are smooth and glossy and woven into tiny bunches then cut at about 1 cm high. The tiny tufts of fur are interwoven with twisted fibres which add body to the fabric texture. Some of the tufts fall slightly to one side, some stand up and some are at completely different angles from each other. This adds to the charm of the fabric. Although slightly messy in style the pile of the fabric still has a uniform direction. This is not designed to look real, though the colours in the collection are natural shades of browns, creams and black, great for traditional teddy bear making.

 Even though the fabric has a very furry pile the weight of the fabric is still quite light. This would be very handy when making cosplay or fancy dress costumes so you can move and dance in them. The fabric has a little stretch to it too, mostly horizontal across the fabric. If you wanted to make leggings or a top the stretch should allow you to be able to pop on the costume relatively easily.

 This teddy fur would be great to make comforting and cosy additions for children or adults. The feel of the fabric is particularly soothing. The underside of the fabric is quite smooth too so you could simply cut the fabric into lengths and use it as throws. Try making a double sided throw, just choose two different shades like brown and cream and sew them together for a snuggly blanket. These are so many ways make the most of this super soft fabric. So get creating, the uses for this fabric are limited only by your imagination.

• Very soft feel

• Available in browns, creams and black.

• Slight stretch ideal for costumes

• Lightweight to wear




Category: Fur Fabrics
Fabric Color: Black
Fabric Color: Brown
Fabric Color: Chocolate
Fabric Color: Cream
Fabric Color: Light Brown
Light Brown
Fabric Color: Ivory
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