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Fabric Name: Polyester Cotton Mixed Fabric to Clear
Fabric Code: KBT8997-B377
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £7.99

Everything must go!

We have received a job lot of Polyester and Cotton mix curtain fabrics. We are offering these fabrics at low prices.

Please note: This is a mixed lot of Polyester & Cotton fabrics of varying weights and compositions.

Mainly Polyester and Cotton mixes. The width of the fabric is between 140cm to 150cm.

Hurry! We do not expect stocks of these fabrics to last at this price.

Category: Polyester Peach Crepe and Peach Skin
Fabric Color: Blue Flower
Blue Flower
Fabric Color: Lime Flower
Lime Flower
Fabric Color: Lemon Swirl
Lemon Swirl
Fabric Color: Lime Swirl
Lime Swirl
Fabric Color: Gold Satin
Gold Satin
Fabric Color: Poly Cotton Red Gold Check
Poly Cotton Red Gold Check
Fabric Color: Blue Chevron
Blue Chevron
Fabric Color: Biscuit Swirl
Biscuit Swirl
Fabric Color: Beige
Fabric Color: Fawn
Fabric Color: Oatmeal
Fabric Color: Blue Stripe
Blue Stripe
Fabric Color: Red Blue Stripe
Red Blue Stripe
Fabric Color: Butlins
Fabric Color: Deep Red Satin
Deep Red Satin
Fabric Color: Red Gold Green Stripe
Red Gold Green Stripe
Fabric Color: Green Stripes
Green Stripes
Fabric Color: Beige Flower
Beige Flower
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