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Fabric Name: Orion Stripe Blackout (C)
Fabric Code: KBT8972
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £7.99

Blackout Fabric To Clear! A very durable fabric with a range of practical uses for curtains, leisure, educational buildings, theatrical displays, drapes and drapery, car show rooms, film and media industry, works perfect in a dark room where sunlight light or general day light can create problems, for a total 100% Blackout it is advisable to use this fabric with a 3 pass blackout lining, with this format you can be assured light will not pass through the fabrics.

Category: Blackout Fabrics
Fabric Color: Claret Stripe
Claret Stripe
Fabric Color: Red Stripe
Red Stripe
Fabric Color: Turquoise Stripe
Turquoise Stripe
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