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Fabric Name: Quality Italian Lining Fabric
Fabric Code: KBT8730-B264-1
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £5.99

We have eleven rich tones of beautiful lining fabric to choose from in our new Italian lining range. Each of the eleven options is jacquard woven with a different pattern using two shades of thread to create an opulent two tone finish. The composition the this fabric is made from 64% viscose and 36% acetate jacquard to form a smooth lightweight fabric boasting a satin like sheen. Available in a useful 60 inch / 150 cm width this fabric is ideal for dressmaking projects.

The sleek lightweight fabric would look superb as jacket and coat lining, especially used against a black or charcoal shaded garment. The rich jewel like tones and patterns would add a touch of colour whilst still looking classically smart. Why not show off this beautiful fabric even more, get creative by using the fabric outside as well as the lining, on cuffs pockets and collars too.

The range of patterns available to choose from includes classic stripes in mid toned green, copper and silver. Dots and diamond shapes in beige, burgundy and pewter, and gorgeous filigree styled floral patterns of teal, lagoon blue and plum. Our photos show in detail each side of the reversible fabric and endeavour to represent the true colours of this beautiful Italian lining.


  • Traditional styles
  • Deep rich colours
  • Reversible design
  • Lightweight
  • Italian jacquard fabric



Category: Lining
Fabric Color: Bronze & Steel Lines
Bronze & Steel Lines
Fabric Color: Garnet Filigree
Garnet Filigree
Fabric Color: lagoon Floral
lagoon Floral
Fabric Color: Pewter Dotted
Pewter Dotted
Fabric Color: Plum Filigree
Plum Filigree
Fabric Color: Silver & Steel Stripe
Silver & Steel Stripe
Fabric Color: Tawney Red Dotted
Tawney Red Dotted
Fabric Color: Teal Floral
Teal Floral
Fabric Color: Vineyard Green
Vineyard Green
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