High Visibility Fabrics

High Visibility fabrics we offer a range of fabric qualities for safety garments, work wear, outdoor applications in areas where it is necessary to have good visibility, for both short and long distance.


The High Visibility colours are Hi-Vis yellow Hi- Vis orange and Hi Vis Pink, also available in a range of contrasting colours.


Some fabrics conform to EN471, EN20471, EN13034

Fabric Price Bulk Price
Hi-Vis Acrylic Felt Fabric £7.99 £5.99
Hi-Vis Cotton Casement Fire Retardant £6.99 -
Hi-Vis Fleece Fabric £6.99 £4.99
Hi-Vis Plaza Polyester Twill £5.99 -
Hi-Vis Python 3/1 Twill £10.95 -
Hi-Vis Self Adhesive Felt Fabric £9.99 -
Hi-Vis Waterproof Fabric PU 4oz £5.99 £3.99