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Fabric Name: Kiss Laminate PVC Flame Retardant
Fabric Code: KBT7848 F141 U9
Fabric Width: 137cm
Price Per Metre: £7.99


This fabric is sold doubled up, so when you receive the fabric you need to peel it apart to reveal the stunning gloss interior!

For an example, if you want 10 metres, please order 5 ! You will receive 5 metres. You just need to peel it apart to get the two lengths of 5 metres to make 10.


Kiss Laminate is made entirely from PVC with an extremely glossy mirror like finish and a sleek and smooth surface. This PVC can be used for many creative and practical purposes. Because of the nature of the material it’s completely waterproof too. Cosplay enthusiasts and costume designers will love the super shiny effect; the material is thin enough to make outfits out of and robust enough to get plenty of wear out of.

For visual merchandising and décor Kiss Laminate is a real show stopper. It can be used as wall covering, for props and stands. Cutting this fabric is simple too. You can use scissors or a fine blade to cut out detailed shapes. Again remember this comes doubled up so if you order 6 metres you will receive 3.



  • Flame Retardant 'Kiss Laminate' PVC.
  • Great range of colours to choose from
  • Fire Retardancy Classification: 13501: BS2D0
  •  Comes doubled up, unpeel to reveal
  • Extreemely glossy finish





Category: Leatherette Vinyl
Fabric Color: Royal 321
Royal 321
Fabric Color: Rose 307
Rose 307
Fabric Color: Hyacinth 320
Hyacinth 320
Fabric Color: Turquoise 319
Turquoise 319
Fabric Color: Emerald 318
Emerald 318
Fabric Color: Mint 317
Mint 317
Fabric Color: Orange 316
Orange 316
Fabric Color: Cream 315
Cream 315
Fabric Color: Yellow 313
Yellow 313
Fabric Color: Gold 312
Gold 312
Fabric Color: Crimson 311
Crimson 311
Fabric Color: Red 310
Red 310
Fabric Color: Purple 309
Purple 309
Fabric Color: Lilac 308
Lilac 308
Fabric Color: Navy 322
Navy 322
Fabric Color: Light Pink 306
Light Pink 306
Fabric Color: Pastel Grey 305
Pastel Grey 305
Fabric Color: Silver 304
Silver 304
Fabric Color: White 303
White 303
Fabric Color: Black 302
Black 302
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