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Fabric Name: Polyviscose Suiting Fabric
Fabric Code: KBT7819 (402)
Fabric Width: 150 cm
Price Per Metre: £3.99

Polyviscose suiting material. Polyviscose is a blend of Polyester and Viscose, making a durable and vesatile fabric. The fabric is resistant to creasing and drapes well. This makes it ideal for clothes and interior furnishing. Polyviscose is an absorbant fabric making it comfortable when worn next to the skin.This fabric will keep its shape and is resistant to shrinkage even after multiple washes. These qualities make this a great, cheaper alternative to wool fabric.

Ideal for trousers, suits and waistcoats, cushions, drapes, table covers etc.

Category: Polyester Peach Crepe and Peach Skin
Fabric Color: Grey
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