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Fabric Name: Holographic Stretch Dot Foil Fabric
Fabric Code: KBT7789-B374
Fabric Width: 147cm
Price Per Metre: £9.99

Stunning holographic stretch fabric that refracts the whole spectrum, creating a moving rainbow rabric !

Hologram dot print foil on either a white background or a black background of stretchy knitted polyester. The dots measure 1mm and spaced 1mm apart. This size of foil dot is ideal to bring out an amazing sparkle on the fabric, whether you see it from afar or close up. As the fabric moves and the light changes, the colours reflected out from the holographic foil change constantly. Its a magical effect, the colours never stay still.

The strength and depth of the colours depend on the light source, this means the colours can change from soft shades to vibrant in the flick of a switch.


This holographic foil dot has excellent stretch qualities with most of the stretch on the horizontal, lots on the bias and a reasonable amount on the vertical. Because of the stretch qualities, this fantastic fabric is made for dancing. Very popular with, fashion wear, rave wear, theatres, dance schools, the effect when worn has to be seen!  Not just for dancing in, you can use this for amazing interior designs, retail visual merchandising and set designs for film and TV and theatre.  It hangs well so can be draped and gathered, stretch or displayed flat. Grab a sample so you can see the sparkle for yourself!


  •  Holographic, hologram dot foil print
  •  Rainbow coloured sparkle
  •  Refracts the whole spectrum
  •  Stretch fabric
  •  Dancewear
  •  Visual merchandising
  •  Polyester elastane mix



Category: Lycra Fabric
Fabric Color: White / Holographic
White / Holographic
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