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Fabric Name: VELCRO Brand Receptive Polyester Tricot
Fabric Code: KBT7453 (F45) (B463)
Fabric Width: 152 cm
Price Per Metre: £4.99

VELCRO® Brand receptive Polyester Tricot

 Uses include notice boards, backdrops, trade shows, craft projects, office partitions, childrens bedrooms, etc. 


Category: VELCRO Brand Receptive Fabrics
Fabric Color: (1) Jet Black
(1) Jet Black
Fabric Color: (2) Navy
(2) Navy
Fabric Color: (3) Bottle
(3) Bottle
Fabric Color: (5) Brown
(5) Brown
Fabric Color: (6) White
(6) White
Fabric Color: (7) Royal
(7) Royal
Fabric Color: (8) Red
(8) Red
Fabric Color: (9) Emerald
(9) Emerald
Fabric Color: (10) Wine
(10) Wine
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