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Fabric Name: VELCRO Brand Receptive Loop Nylon Non Foam Back
Fabric Code: KBT7016-B455
Fabric Width: 137 cm
Price Per Metre: £3.49

A VELCRO® Brand receptive fabric ideal for displays, pin boards, notice and display boards, children's bedrooms, upholstery, craft projects, office partitions, trade shows etc. The list goes on.

Non foam backed loop nylon fabric, works with hook and loop or VELCRO® Brand hook.

This fabric can be fixed directly on to most surfaces using a spray adhesive or any other suitable contact adhesive.

Please note this is a Non foam backed loop nylon fabric.

Weight = 125g/m².

Fire rated: BS5867: TypeB.

Request a fabrics sample to ensure the fabric quality.

Category: VELCRO Brand Receptive Fabrics
Fabric Color: Grey
Fabric Color: Black
Fabric Color: New Grey
New Grey
Fabric Color: Medici Blue
Medici Blue
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