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Fabric Name: Quilted Antique Waxed Fabric
Fabric Code: KBT6664-F45-B434
Fabric Width: 147
Price Per Metre: £14.99

Antique Waxed Fabric Barbour Type but in the quilted version - As the title suggests, A drill cotton fabric 350grm weight, impregnated with wax, there are many different types of wax treatments, this is an Antique Wax treatment, this is the type of wax that does not come off onto your hands where as others do.

This wax fabric has added value, we have specially quilted this fabric with the Box Design incorporating a 4oz wadding foam sandwiched with a matching polyester lining, making it ready pre-lined, so no real need for any further lining

Widely used in the fashion trade for making outdoor clothing, hats, waxed jackets and its uses for country sports, farmers, game keepers and for the Equestrian trade.

As little as 2 meters of this fabric has been used for a range of clothing items that retail well in excess of £200

Note:The quilting procedure effects the waterproofing of the top fabric

Category: Quilted Fabric
Fabric Color: Beaver
Fabric Color: Gold
Fabric Color: Black
Fabric Color: Copper
Fabric Color: Olive
Fabric Color: Red
Fabric Color: Navy
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