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Fabric Name: Muslin Plain
Fabric Code: KBT214-ES008EM-F10-B66
Fabric Width: 137cm
Price Per Metre: £2.99

Our muslin fabric is produced using fine cotton to create a soft and smooth semi sheer fabric.  It drapes very well with no stretch, and can be used for lose floaty clothing or can be tailored into fitted garments.


This humble fabric has recently found a place back in interior design, blending with looks favouring natural and neutral fabric. Multi layering with white and cream semi sheer fabric s creates a light and airy space. And because of the modest price of these in trend natural fabrics like cotton mull, cotton lawn, muslin and calico, you can think big when its time to create.  


Muslin uses vary from fashion to the farmyard. Originally used for clothing, over the course of many centuries muslin production grew worldwide and became cheaper and more common. Untreated Muslin fabric has been used in the cheese making process for centuries too.


  • 100% pure cotton
  • Traditional fabric
  • Semi sheer fabric
  • 137 cm wide
  • White or cream
Category: Voile and Muslins
Fabric Color: White
Fabric Color: Cream
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