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Fabric Name: Fire Retardant Awning Alto
Fabric Code: KBT5907-F77-B395
Fabric Width: 120
Price Per Metre: £29.99

Fire Retardant Awning Fabric. Properties include up to 95 percent glare reduction, 90 percent to 100 percent of harmful UVs blocked out. Water reppellent and fire retardant.

This fabric must be fixed at an angle to increase its water repellence;
the fabric is not 100% waterproof and will let water through during heavy rain, or if fixed as a flat sheet

Complies with fire retardant specifications for Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia. Full spec sheet available.

Category: Waterproof fabrics
Fabric Color: Tournesol (U157)
Tournesol (U157)
Fabric Color: Craie (U151)
Craie (U151)
Fabric Color: Ficelle (U152)
Ficelle (U152)
Fabric Color: Vert (U160)
Vert (U160)
Fabric Color: Blanc (U150)
Blanc (U150)
Fabric Color: Garance (U159)
Garance (U159)
Fabric Color: Silex (U153)
Silex (U153)
Fabric Color: Grenat (U161)
Grenat (U161)
Fabric Color: Nocturne (U162)
Nocturne (U162)
Fabric Color: Anthracite (U163)
Anthracite (U163)
Fabric Color: Carbone (U164)
Carbone (U164)
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