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Fabric Name: Cotton Lawn Cloth
Fabric Code: KBT5554-F60-B353
Fabric Width: 140cm
Price Per Metre: £3.99

Cotton lawn, otherwise known as lawn cloth is the common name for sheer semi translucent cotton.  The term “lawn” refers to the characteristic crisp starched finish of the fabric.  Early production of this cloth began in in the French city of Laon, and the fine crisp cotton was named after its city of its production.The fabric gained huge popularity for fashionwear, underwear and household décor.  As the popularity grew over Europe then overseas, the term Laon cotton became known as Lawn cotton. 


The smooth finish of the cotton is due to combing of the fibres during processing, producing a high thread count. This is then woven into a fine, semi translucent fabric which is still just as popular for fashionwear, underwear and interior design and displays.

This particular Cotton lawn is traditional white. However, if you fancy a splash of colour in cotton lawn, click here to see the spectacular colour range we have available.


  • White cotton
  • 100% cotton
  • Crisp smooth feel
  • Summer clothing fabric
  • Semi transparent


Category: Poly Cotton, Drill Fabric and Sheeting
Fabric Color: White
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