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Fabric Name: Tartan Fabric - Yarn Dyed
Fabric Code: KBT5109-F9-B371
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £4.99

Tartan Check Fabric. Made of 100% Cotton woven yarn colours in a vertical, horizontal and criss-cross fashion to create the tartan check effect, the yarn is dyed before woven yielding a quality tartan check, ideal for kilts, plaids and blankets or can be used as a lining fabric, available in Brown, Bottle, Red, Green, Navy and Black Watch.

Category: Gingham Checks Spots and Stripes
Fabric Color: Bottle (01)
Bottle (01)
Fabric Color: Brown (02)
Brown (02)
Fabric Color: Brown (03)
Brown (03)
Fabric Color: Green (06)
Green (06)
Fabric Color: Navy (11)
Navy (11)
Fabric Color: Black Watch (12)
Black Watch (12)
Fabric Color: Red
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