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Fabric Name: Velvet Sequins (263)
Fabric Code: KBT5082-F41-B340
Fabric Width: 145 cm
Price Per Metre: £6.99

Velvet material with eye-catching hologram sequins. Velvet is a type of woven 'tufted' fabric which has a luxurious soft and distinctive feel. Traditionally, velvet has been associated with nobility. This fabric is ideal for stagewear, dancewear, set and stage design etc.

Category: Velvets Material
Fabric Color: Yellow 10
Yellow 10
Fabric Color: Turquoise 06
Turquoise 06
Fabric Color: Orange 09
Orange 09
Fabric Color: Pink 08
Pink 08
Fabric Color: Blue 02
Blue 02
Fabric Color: Red 04
Red 04
Fabric Color: Black 01
Black 01
Fabric Color: Lime 07
Lime 07
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