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Fabric Name: Hessian Fabric - To Clear
Fabric Code: KBT4903-F60-B298
Fabric Width: 120cm
Price Per Metre: £3.99

We have nineteen great shades for you to choose from in our coloured hessian range. Made jute to create a strong course weave this fabric still has all the durability of classic hessian, but with the added element of strong colour you can create striking arts and crafts or practical items for around the house.


Schools and collages regularly use this fabric for notice boards, prop designs and textiles classes as it’s easy to practice beginners sewing techniques. Playgroup and infant classes use this coloured variation for craft play, it cuts easily and PVA glue dries clear on hessian so you can cover the fabric with anything from glitter to paint.


Large amounts of this airy and breathable fabric can be creatively and practically used for indoor or sheltered events. Draping and partitioning inside tents and marquees will give a design a rich colourful feel whilst the natural breathability of the fabric will keep the space airy. Our hessian colour range uses mid tones so you can go for contrasting or complimenting colours for your deign and they will work well together, take a look at our coloured canvas and calico ranges to blend other similar fabrics with your designs.


  • 19 colours available
  • Useful for schools
  • Biodegradable
  • Breathable
  • Practical and hardwearing


Category: Clearance Lines
Fabric Color: Dark Green
Dark Green
Fabric Color: Emerald
Fabric Color: Light Green
Light Green
Fabric Color: Dark Orange
Dark Orange
Fabric Color: Pink
Fabric Color: Dark Sky
Dark Sky
Fabric Color: Yellow
Fabric Color: Olive
Fabric Color: Orange
Fabric Color: New Apple
New Apple
Fabric Color: New Aqua
New Aqua
Fabric Color: New Deep Royal
New Deep Royal
Fabric Color: New Hot Pink
New Hot Pink
Fabric Color: New Petrol
New Petrol
Fabric Color: New Purple
New Purple
Fabric Color: New Royal Blue
New Royal Blue
Fabric Color: New Cerise
New Cerise
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