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Fabric Name: Stingray Textured Leathrette
Fabric Code: KBT4387-F78-B274
Fabric Width: 140cm
Price Per Metre: £39.99

Textured leatherette fabric heavily embossed surface finish similar effect like the skin texture of the stingray fish.

Durable, UV stable and UV resistant, light fast, waterproof and flame retardant, becoming very popular for recovering, headboards, chairs and stools also a wide range of uses for re-upholstery in night clubs, bars, restaurant, hotels, interior design, decor, car showroom displays, shop displays, wall decor, not forgetting the other common uses wallets, boots, exotic shoes, belts and jackets.

Category: Textured Leatherettes and Vinyl
Fabric Color: Green (3070)
Green (3070)
Fabric Color: Light Purple (3066)
Light Purple (3066)
Fabric Color: White (3064)
White (3064)
Fabric Color: Silver (3063)
Silver (3063)
Fabric Color: Black (3072)
Black (3072)
Fabric Color: Black/Gold (3071)
Black/Gold (3071)
Fabric Color: Dark Purple (3068)
Dark Purple (3068)
Fabric Color: Pink (3065)
Pink (3065)
Fabric Color: Gold (3062)
Gold (3062)
Fabric Color: Yellow (3061)
Yellow (3061)
Fabric Color: Red (3060)
Red (3060)
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