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Fabric Name: Single Sided Fleece fabric (tubular) - Clearance
Fabric Code: KBT4356-F60-B406
Fabric Width: 100cm
Price Per Metre: £2.99

Single sided fleece fabric, better known as Hoodie or sweatshirt fabric, it has fleeced effect on the internal side just like you find on the inside of a sweatshirt or hoodie, the fabric is knitted and is in a tubular form width is 100cm before it is slit, if you slit open one side you will have an open width of 200cm. (2 metre wide fabric)

You can use the fabric in its original tubular state, or as an open width fabric, our regular customers use this fabric for many other application other than for clothing and apparel.

When fabric is in tubular form it acts like a very large sock and will slip over items i.e. to protect canoes, surf boards and even large pipes during transport.

We only have a limited stock of this fabric.

We can offer this item as a regular fabric in a range of colours and widths of your choice please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Please note: These fabrics are end of line and must go. Order a sample now to avoid disappointment.

Category: Clearance Lines
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