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Fabric Name: Zanzibar Blackout Fabric Fire Retardant
Fabric Code: KBT6951-F36-B222
Fabric Width: 285cm
Price Per Metre: £24.99

The Zanzibar flame retardant blackout fabric offers a beautiful color selection for a variety of uses: curtains, drapery, quilting, home decorating, crafts, ideal fabric for blocking out light for bedrooms, childrens and infants nurseries. This fabric is also useful for home theatre projects and venues that use stage perimeter drapes to hide equipment and control light.

Stunning, rich colors like bright golds, deep, lush purples and soft, muted pastels are available to fit your specific taste. Let your imagination go wild as you use our fabric to create beautiful, yet functional additions to your home decor.

100% Polyester 285cm wide, conforms to fire retardant BS5867 Part 2 B, B1, IMO A563 (14), NFPA 701.

Perfect fabric for large residential, industrial and commercial applications and contracts

Category: Blackout Fabrics
Fabric Color: Sable (703)
Sable (703)
Fabric Color: Biscuit (815)
Biscuit (815)
Fabric Color: Heather (709)
Heather (709)
Fabric Color: Buttermilk (310)
Buttermilk (310)
Fabric Color: Chalk (702)
Chalk (702)
Fabric Color: Sand (209)
Sand (209)
Fabric Color: Marine (574)
Marine (574)
Fabric Color: Chocolate (150)
Chocolate (150)
Fabric Color: Aubergine (500)
Aubergine (500)
Fabric Color: Aloe (712)
Aloe (712)
Fabric Color: Ginger (704)
Ginger (704)
Fabric Color: Teal (835)
Teal (835)
Fabric Color: Duckegg (487)
Duckegg (487)
Fabric Color: Midnight (264)
Midnight (264)
Fabric Color: Seal (708)
Seal (708)
Fabric Color: Forest (506)
Forest (506)
Fabric Color: Pearl (707)
Pearl (707)
Fabric Color: Jet (711)
Jet (711)
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