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Fabric Name: Canvas 12oz Loomstate
Fabric Code: KBT3521-F21-B161/1
Fabric Width: 182cm
Price Per Metre: £9.99

Our loomstate canvas is made from a plain cotton weave and has a medium weight of 12 oz per square meter. Loomstate is the term used when a fabric literally ready to use straight from the loom unprimed in its natural state with no treatments or additions.

Canvas fabric is well known for its strength and durability and since its mass production in the early 20th century its popularity has grown along with its varied and practical uses. Adaptable to weather conditions, breathable and with the ability to be forcibly stretched, loomstate canvas was originally used for artist’s canvas, upholstery, tents, coverings, sails and awnings. The modern water repellent equivalent is now the preferred choice for outdoor work but natural loomstate is still popular for many other uses.

Whether you go for loomstate or treated is personal preference. The loomstate canvas will have slightly more texture with slight pulling of the fibres and un- broken husks within the weave giving the fabric a peppered effect. This natural look works perfectly when creating traditional or neutral interior and exterior designs for the home, or country style arts and crafts.


  • Traditional Loomstate
  • Unprimed
  • Plain cotton weave
  • Natural fabric
  • Biodegradeable
  • Adaptable




Category: Cotton, Canvas, Calico, Hessian
Fabric Color: Natural
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