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Fabric Name: Gingham Check-1/8 Small Check
Fabric Code: KBT250-F13-B38
Fabric Width: 112cm
Price Per Metre: £2.99

 Small Gingham, the smartest and most traditional of the three varieties we hold in stock, and widely known as the school uniform Gingham. The small squares in the check pattern measure just an 8th of an inch. As with all traditional gingham, one coloured and one white yarn is used to create the pattern, resulting in a third tone just slightly lighter than the main colour. The smart look of this small gingham is ideal for workwear as well as schoolwear. The taut structure of the fabric can be worked into neat tayloring for mens and ladies shirts.

The fabric is a mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, lightweight but tough enough to endure hot washes, after all school activities can get a bit messy. Red, bottle green and navy blue are the most popular shades for summertime school wear,but we also have pink, blue, yellow, lilac and black to choose from. Make sure you check out our medium quarter inch gingham and large 1 inch gingham too.


  •  112 cm wide
  •  Eight colours
  • Polycotton fabric
  •  School uniform
Category: Gingham Checks Spots and Stripes
Fabric Color: Lilac
Fabric Color: Bottle Green
Bottle Green
Fabric Color: Black
Fabric Color: Red
Fabric Color: Pink
Fabric Color: Navy
Fabric Color: Blue
Fabric Color: Yellow
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