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Fabric Name: Curtain Bump Lining - 410grm
Fabric Code: KBT3211-6191-F36-B152
Fabric Width: 137cm
Price Per Metre: £5.75

Bump Lining for curtains. 410grm pre-shrunk polyester and cotton mixed fibres. Perfect inner bump lining fabric for your unlined curtains. Using this inner bump liner in conjunction with any other suitable lining fabric will give your curtains or drapes a fuller, padded body and quilted look and feel. This bump lining will act as an efficient energy and heat saver blocking the draft coming in from windows and doors. Keeping your rooms and home warm on those cold winter nights.

You will need to use another lining with this fabric as this will act as an inner fabric sandwiched between two outer fabrics. Fabric is dry clean sensitive

Category: Curtain Linings
Fabric Color: Natural
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