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Fabric Name: Satin Backed Dupion
Fabric Code: KBT109-F22-B34
Fabric Width: 112cm
Price Per Metre: £5.99

Satin back dupion fabric, 100% polyester fabric with an irregular slub effect, fully reversible fabric with a satin finish to one side and a mat finish on the other side.

A great choice of fabric for wedding dresses, wedding gowns, evening wear, cravats, other favourable uses are for the soft furnishing trade, drapery, curtain fabric, upholstery fabric, cushion covers etc. there has been a growing demand of this fabric been used as budget alternative to silk dupioni due to it slubby characteristics similar to as machine woven dupion silk. Washable at 40c.

Category: Satins Material
Fabric Color: Lilac (41)
Lilac (41)
Fabric Color: Gold
Fabric Color: Red (25)
Red (25)
Fabric Color: Navy (49)
Navy (49)
Fabric Color: Wine
Fabric Color: Black (50)
Black (50)
Fabric Color: Ivory
Fabric Color: White (1)
White (1)
Fabric Color: Cream (4)
Cream (4)
Fabric Color: Peach (31)
Peach (31)
Fabric Color: Hyacinth (42)
Hyacinth (42)
Fabric Color: Aqua (44)
Aqua (44)
Fabric Color: Purple (40)
Purple (40)
Fabric Color: Prune (36)
Prune (36)
Fabric Color: Amethyst (39)
Amethyst (39)
Fabric Color: Ruby (27)
Ruby (27)
Fabric Color: Sorbet (35)
Sorbet (35)
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