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Fabric Name: Parisienne Curtain Fabric-4721
Fabric Code: KBT4721-F8-B183
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £24.99

Polyester Organza embroidery curtain fabric design Parisienne (4721) Matching Polyester Dupion embroidery available, (Paris 4720)

Category: Curtain Materials
Fabric Color: Champagne (009)
Champagne (009)
Fabric Color: Pearl (021)
Pearl (021)
Fabric Color: Antique (106)
Antique (106)
Fabric Color: Chocolate (154)
Chocolate (154)
Fabric Color: Chartreuse (159)
Chartreuse (159)
Fabric Color: Onyx (905)
Onyx (905)
Fabric Color: Powder Blue (732)
Powder Blue (732)
Fabric Color: Lichen (613)
Lichen (613)
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