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Fabric Name: Orion Durable Fire Retardant
Fabric Code: KBT6902FR-F36-B170
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £11.99

Orion Blackout Fabric, An Inherent fire retardant blackout fabric conforming to 98% light exclusion, meets BS5867 and BS5852, a very durable fabric with a range of practical uses for curtains, leisure, educational buildings, theatrical displays, drapes and drapery, car show rooms, film and media industry, works perfect in a dark room where sunlight light or general day light can create problems, for a total 100% Blackout it is advisable to use this fabric with a 3 pass blackout lining, with this format you can be assured light will not pass through the fabrics.

Washing instructions cold rinse, short spin, do not wring and do not use bleach.

Category: Blackout Fabrics
Bulk Option: Yes
Roll Size: 50m
Roll Price: £8.99
Fabric Color: Beige (22)
Beige (22)
Fabric Color: Apricot (24)
Apricot (24)
Fabric Color: Copper (25)
Copper (25)
Fabric Color: Sea Green (27)
Sea Green (27)
Fabric Color: Ice Blue (28)
Ice Blue (28)
Fabric Color: Slate (29)
Slate (29)
Fabric Color: Moss (30)
Moss (30)
Fabric Color: Ruby (31)
Ruby (31)
Fabric Color: Bilberry (32)
Bilberry (32)
Fabric Color: Buttercup (34)
Buttercup (34)
Fabric Color: Kingfisher (35)
Kingfisher (35)
Fabric Color: Black (36)
Black (36)
Fabric Color: Royal (37)
Royal (37)
Fabric Color: Clover (38)
Clover (38)
Fabric Color: Apple (40)
Apple (40)
Fabric Color: Opal (41)
Opal (41)
Fabric Color: Damask (42)
Damask (42)
Fabric Color: Coral (43)
Coral (43)
Fabric Color: Terracotta (44)
Terracotta (44)
Fabric Color: Claret (45)
Claret (45)
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