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Fabric Name: Whirlwind - Altitude Collection
Fabric Code: KBT4534-F8-173
Fabric Width: 140cm
Price Per Metre: £19.99

Whirlwind from the Altitude Collection by Prestigious Textiles, 50% Polyester 50% Viscose circular embroidery design done using the latest multi head embroidery machines, base fabric is a polyester dupion slubby fabric cool machine washable, perfect for interior design, drapery, upholstery, cushion covers, curtains.

Fabric width is: 140cm

Pattern Repeat: 23.8cm

Category: Curtain Materials
Fabric Color: Oyster (003)
Oyster (003)
Fabric Color: Champagne (009)
Champagne (009)
Fabric Color: Mink (104)
Mink (104)
Fabric Color: Fushia (238)
Fushia (238)
Fabric Color: Sage (638)
Sage (638)
Fabric Color: Black/White (950)
Black/White (950)
Fabric Color: Terracotta (301)
Terracotta (301)
Fabric Color: Turquoise (617)
Turquoise (617)
Fabric Color: Onyx (905)
Onyx (905)
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