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Fabric Name: PVC Table Covering wth Menu Design
Fabric Code: KBTPVC6353-F8-B55
Fabric Width: 130cm
Price Per Metre: £9.99

Design 6353 Menu - 100% Cotton with PVC covering, wipeable surface ideal for table coverings in kitchens, cafes, Dining rooms etc

Category: PVC TableCloth Oil Cloth
Fabric Color: Spice (110)
Spice (110)
Fabric Color: Chocolate (154)
Chocolate (154)
Fabric Color: Tabasco (182)
Tabasco (182)
Fabric Color: Black (900)
Black (900)
Fabric Color: Graphite (912)
Graphite (912)
Fabric Color: Duck Egg (769)
Duck Egg (769)
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