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Fabric Name: Sateen Curtain Lining - Fire Retardant
Fabric Code: KBT6164-541-FR-F36-B160
Fabric Width: 137cm
Price Per Metre: £4.99

Sateen Curtain Lining, Fire Retardant, 100% Cotton material this is a high end curtain lining fabric, a durable smooth matt sateen finish, treated with a fire retardant to British Standards, an excellent fabric for lining curtains, natural cream looking, adding a lining to curtain materials gives curtains a longer lease of life protecting the rear from UV rays hence reducing colour fading, lining silk curtains will also protect them from rotting. Curtain linings can also reduce the draft coming in from windows to a minimum, saving you money on heating cost.

This lining is suitable to work with any curtain material, silks, velvets, cotton, chenille, polyesters, printed cottons. Jacquards, linen and polycotton drills.

Category: Curtain Linings
Fabric Color: Cream
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