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Fabric Name: Lay Flat Polythene Tubing -125mu
Fabric Code: KBT2128-F29-B153
Fabric Width: 762mm
Price Per Metre: £0.99

125mu thickness, clear lay flat polythene tubing, comes as flat folded in a tubular format rolled. This polythene material is sold as per meter or available to purchase on a full 27kg roll (approx. 135mtrs).

Perfect product to use for general packaging or use to protect products during transit or whilst in storage.

100% waterproof and water resistant. The Polythene is centre-folded on a roll for ease of storage. Flat tubular width is: 762mm, if slit open from one side then the width will be doubled to: 1524mm.

Category: Polythene
Bulk Option: Yes
Roll Size: 135m
Roll Price: £0.79
Fabric Color: Clear PVC (125mu)
Clear PVC (125mu)
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