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Fabric Name: Tarpaulin Canvas Heavy Duty Waterproof
Fabric Code: KBT1971-non-fr-F21-B147
Fabric Width: 91cm
Price Per Metre: £6.99

Due to its reliability this heavy duty 12 oz water proof tarpaulin fabric is a popular choice to use when protecting items against the elements. It’s essential for larger items that are kept outdoors to be protected, so boats, cars, motorbikes all benefit from using this thick canvas to keep most of the bad weather at bay, and when travelling this canvas is great for covering lorries or smaller trailers.


Made from traditional duck cotton canvas, this variety is more heavy weight than our standard water repellent canvas. Measuring at 91 cm wide and available in two colour options of bright jade green and classic black. This canvas is has been treated to make it water repellent but still breathable and rot proof so prolonged outdoor use shouldn’t stop this hardy fabric protecting classic cars to cargo. The fabric can be easily stitched to form a protective covering for any item you need. Feel free to contact us if you have a project we can help you with, with our bespoke service we create any item to your specific requirements.


  • Waterproof
  • Biodegradeable
  • Thick heavyweight fabric
  • Outdoor practical uses
  • Protective tarpaulin covering
  • Rot proof 
Category: Cotton, Canvas, Calico, Hessian
Fabric Color: Green
Fabric Color: Black
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