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Fabric Name: 2mm VELCRO Brand Receptive - Foam
Fabric Code: KBT1937-F61-B147-2
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £12.99

VELCRO® Brand receptive fabric with an approx 2mm foam laminated to the back. This gives the fabric a nice soft cushion feel, ideal for using on Pin boards or notice boards. VELCRO® Brand receptive, this means the hook side (hard side) of any VELCRO® Brand product will stick to it. A common name for this fabric is Loop Nylon Fabric.

A popular use for this fabric is in the custom car trimming, upholstery and car interior restoration. Old vintage, classic, custom & modern cars. Mainly used for replacing old headlings and door cards.

Category: Foam Material
Fabric Color: Black
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