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Fabric Name: Tiger Stripe Soft Chenille Upholstery
Fabric Code: KBT9899-U34
Fabric Width: 150 cm
Price Per Metre: £16.99

Super soft chenille upholstery fabric with a woven tiger stripe design.The tiger stripe part is woven in thick and fluffy chenille yarn in the warm blonde shade. The background shade is clipped right down to expose the soft fibers of the cream yarn. This gives it a mottled effect that looks sandy from afar. 


This tiger stripe fabric would make a great addition to interiors using multiple textures in similar neutral shades. The luxurious feel is made to lounge on, which makes it perfect for seating fabric coffee shops, boutique hotels, restaurants, lounge bars and gastro pubs. Cover seating booths completely in the tiger stripe, create bespoke armchairs or simply make into cosy cushions. 


  • Woven tiger or zebra design
  • Blonde colour upholstery 
  • Neutral shade animal pattern
  • Super soft texture
  • Multi texture interior trend
  • Tiger upholstery fabric
Category: Upholstery Fabrics and Furnishing Fabrics
Fabric Color: Blonde
Fabric Color: Orange
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