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Fabric Name: Cream Geometric Flower Upholstery Fabric
Fabric Code: KBT9853 B - U31
Fabric Width: 150 cm
Price Per Metre: £9.99

Durable upholstery fabric in classic cream with woven detail of smart geometric flowers. The eight point flower heads are designed in a stylised way and set in uniform rows, evenly spaced. The fabric uses both matte and high shine tread to create the pattern, adding visual depth to the design.  The flowers measure 2 inches in width and height and are separated by a cm all around the shape. The eight point shape has four large petals and four much smaller, Inside the flower shape sits another similar shaped flower in the center. 


  • Cream upholstery fabric
  • 100% polyester
  • Geometric flower design
  • smart upholstery fabric
  • 8 point flower design
  • Hotels, restaurants 
Category: Upholstery and Furnishing Fabrics
Fabric Color: Cream
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