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Fabric Name: Soft Flex Car Trim
Fabric Code: KBT9783-F152-U23-2
Fabric Width: 200 cm
Price Per Metre: £15.99

Part of the new range of car trim flooring, this soft variety can also be used around the office for wall panelling, furniture and notice boards. The soft version has more flexibility than standard Car Trim, so you can cover corners and curves with ease.  To make it even more useful, all of the shades of Soft Car Trim are available in a self adhesive form too. The material measures 3 mm in thickness.


If you plan on smarting up your van, lorry , or camper van, this material is a great idea. So easy to use, you just cut the shape you need with normal scissors and attach to the floor, walls, cupboards or  panels using a staple gun or spray glue. If you don't want to fuss with either of those methods just opt for the self adhesive and save time and effort.


  •  100% Polyester
  •  Flooring and walls and furniture
  •  Vehicle Trim fabric
  •  6 shades
  •  2 metres wide



Category: Vehicle Fabrics
Fabric Color: Wheat
Fabric Color: Smoke
Fabric Color: Light Grey
Light Grey
Fabric Color: Dark Grey
Dark Grey
Fabric Color: Anthracite
Fabric Color: Black
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