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Fabric Name: Tri Sports Mesh
Fabric Code: KBT9751 (B-64)
Fabric Width: 110 cm
Price Per Metre: £9.99

New sports fabric!

High quality endurance fabric designed for sportswear and active wear, particularly jackets.  The clever three ply mesh layering creates insulation to warm the muscles whilst letting the skin breathe. The breathable quality makes the fabric ideal for endurance sports such as long distance running and cycling.

The three layers consist of...


  •   A Base layer of white soft brushed polyester
  •   Middle layer of knitted black polyester
  •  Top layer of coloured polyester mesh in a 1 cm dash pattern


The sporty style of the fabric would also look good as car or van seating. The slight give in the  would work well as an upholstery fabric for contemporary office spaces or interior designs.


  • Three ply fabric
  •  Breathable
  •  Jacket fabric
  •  Activewear
  •  Sporty
  •  110 cm wide
  •  NON waterproof



Category: Sports
Fabric Color: Lime Green
Lime Green
Fabric Color: Deep Red
Deep Red
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