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Fabric Name: Hi-Vis Plaza Polyester Twill
Fabric Code: KBT7828-201-HV
Fabric Width: 148cm
Price Per Metre: £3.99

Durable, excellent drape quality polyester Twill fabric,


Ideal for:

Tablecloths, backdrops, stage decoration, wall hanging, school uniforms, workwear, corporate clothing,  etc. 


  • Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Weave: 2/2 Twill
  • Weight: 200 grms
  • Width: 148cm


Twill Fabric is technically a double sided fabric a front side and a back side, front side of a twill fabric is the face side and the back side is called the back face.

The face side has a more pronounced wale, very durable and more attractive widely used in the fashion trade, twills are often used for sturdy workwear, school uniforms, corporate wear, general clothing and for durable upholstery,  the uneven surface of twill the fabric is a good feature to repel  Soiling and staining.

Example of a twill weave in everyday use is denim, if you look closely at any denim fabric you will see the diagonal twill weave.


Category: High Visibility Fabrics
Fabric Color: Neon Lime
Neon Lime
Fabric Color: Neon Pink
Neon Pink
Fabric Color: Tango Oranage
Tango Oranage
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