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Fabric Name: Hi-Vis Rubia - Coloured Cotton Lawn
Fabric Code: KBT6922-F12-B451HV
Fabric Width: 110cm
Price Per Metre: £2.99

Lightweight, 100% cotton lawn cloth, a lightweight sheer fabric with semi-transparency, made by using combed yarns finished to a soft and lustre feel, this type of fabric is sometimes referred to as Nainsook.
Ideal for clothing garments i.e. ladies blouses, dresses, nightwear, lingerie etc..

Lawn fabric is also very popular for decorating and interior design, window decor and dressing, curtains, works very well from draping around rooms, halls, stage sets and furniture.

Fantastic range of colours, order samples to get a better idea of this fabric.


Category: High Visibility Fabrics
Fabric Color: Bright Orange
Bright Orange
Fabric Color: Lime
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