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Fabric Name: Quilted Denim Chambray
Fabric Code: KBT9579-B-173
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £8.99

Chambray Denim. 100% Cotton Chambray Denim quilted onto 2oz wadding hollow fibre foam. 

50mm (2inch) Box stitched.

Ideal for quilting projects, jackets, outdoor clothing, equestrian clothing etc.

Chambray is a lightweight denim.

The fabric features a coloured yarn in the warp of the fabric and white in the weft creating a muted colour and slight texture that is just visible to the eye.

The lightweight properties of this denim make it ideal for denim shirts and lighweight jackets.

This fabric is not lined.

Category: Quilted Fabric
Fabric Color: Blue
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