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Fabric Name: Fluorescent Vinyl Neon Leatherette
Fabric Code: KBT9569 F147 U14
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £24.99

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Tough and hardwearing Fluorescent Neon Vinyl Leatherette

Bright fluo colours with leatherette texture.


Ideal for seating, stage and set design, backdrops, Vehicle interiors, Boats, Interior Design, etc.

Composition Width 140cm, 1.0mm thickness (+/- 0.1mm)
Flame Retardant
Automobile industry; DIN 75200 or ISO3795, FMVSS302
Furniture Industry: DIN EN1021 part 1+2 or ISO8191 part 1+2 BS5852, M2 French Norm, B1 AT-Norm, IMO Resolution A652(16)
Property of Material
Free of Cd/AZO/FCKW/PCP/PCB/PCT/ formaldehyde and health hazard substances as prescribed by law— long durability - UV resistant light fastness >6 —
perspiration resistant — urine resistant — saliva resistant — waterproof — salt-water resistant — tear resistant — non-irritant - (neon: not adequate for massage tables, light fastness: 4, it is not adequate for outside use, not UV resistant)
Cleaning and disinfection
Please do not use abrasive cleaner! For strong soils, we suggest to use a wet cloth with soap water. We recommend "Schnell-Desinfektions-Reiniger" for disinfection and cleaning (1-liter-bottle: article-n.0. 800x221 / sprayer: article-no. 800x222).
In case of extreme persistent dirt, we suggest to use a cleaner for artificial leather 800x225. At the end remove the glossy wax with detergent and dry.

Category: Leatherette Vinyl
Fabric Color: Green 668
Green 668
Fabric Color: Pink 670
Pink 670
Fabric Color: Yellow 667
Yellow 667
Fabric Color: Orange 669
Orange 669
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