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Fabric Name: Dimple Fleece Fabric
Fabric Code: KBT9525
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £7.99

New in, 3D Dimple Fleece! Not a fleece to be precise, this fabric could be described as a cross between our luxury chantel long pile towling and super smooth velour. In actual fact the glossy fibres used to make the pile of the fabric are the same as the soft chantel towling. Less fibres are used in this fabric resulting in a finer, thin finish. These fibres are around 3-4 mm in length but instead of sticking straight up like the chantal fabric, these are flattened down to produce a sleek, very smoth and strokeable fabric. Circles are then embossed underneath which creates a 3D effect of circles poping up out of the fabric! Obviously this fabric is terrifically tactile, the feel of the smooth fabric over the little dimples adds a fun element to a lovely soft fabric. Availible in 11 colour choices, this fabric could be used for anything from kids clothing to bedroom decor.


  • 3D Dimple Fabric
  • Pastel and bright shades
  • Sleek feel
  • Polyester fibres
Category: Fleece Fabrics - Printed
Fabric Color: Black
Fabric Color: Cerise Pink
Cerise Pink
Fabric Color: Ivory
Fabric Color: Light Brown
Light Brown
Fabric Color: Lilac
Fabric Color: Pale Mint
Pale Mint
Fabric Color: Pale pink
Pale pink
Fabric Color: Pastel Blue
Pastel Blue
Fabric Color: Pastel Yellow
Pastel Yellow
Fabric Color: Turquoise
Fabric Color: White
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