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Fabric Name: Stiff White Floral Lace
Fabric Code: KBT9475 B478 - 2
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £3.99

This bright white lace has a strong, stiff feel to it with no stretch. It would work well as a house hold fabric or lace used for the outer part of a garment. This floral themed lace would make pretty lace curtains, flowing drapes, table cloths and soft furnishing décor. The pattern shows a classical flora and fauna design which is stitched quite thickly. This would help with adding privacy in the home as well as letting light in and around the home.

For dressmaking this lace would be better matched on garment that needs to be lined. Although the lace is not a soft feel fabric this still looks lovely used as a top layer on dresses and skirts. Add any coloured lining to show of the lace. Pretty pastels will look sweet or add jet black for a bold contrast.

  • Non stretch lace
  • Fresh white
  • Curtains and netting
  • Dressmaking lace
Category: Lace
Fabric Color: White
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