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Fabric Name: Single Sided Toweling - To Clear (D)
Fabric Code: KBT9382-B360
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £7.99

Towelling fur fabric, 90% Cotton 10% Polyester, cotton loop construction, absorbent, easy to maintain, can be machine washed and dry in a domestic tumble dryer. Ideal for domestic or industrial use, varied applications, perfect for making custom size towels, bathrobes, nappies, teddy bears, cuddly toys, toy craft,


Other common uses are for re-upholstery for boat seating, salons, massage beds, beauty clinics and other applications.

Category: Terry Towelling
Fabric Color: Cream
Fabric Color: White
Fabric Color: Baby Blue
Baby Blue
Fabric Color: Pink
Fabric Color: Lemon
Fabric Color: Light Brown
Light Brown
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