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Fabric Name: Spotty Coral Fleece
Fabric Code: KBT9324 F61-B100
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £4.99

Super soft and spotty! Big bright block printed circles on bright white coral fleece. The spots cover the fabric in bright candy pink, bubble-gum pink, aqua, and purple shades, and all measure 5 cm across set neatly apart in a uniform way. This extra soft and cuddly fleece has a much thicker pile with a smooth yet fluffy finish. Coral fleece is ideal for dressing gowns, cosy night wear and blankets.

  • Brght coloured spots
  • Extra thick pile
  • Very soft and warm
  • Fun print


Category: Fleece Fabrics - Printed
Fabric Color: Multi colour
Multi colour
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