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Fabric Name: Hardelot Stripe Awning Fabric
Fabric Code: KBT8911 B282
Fabric Width: 120 cm
Price Per Metre: £19.99

Awning Fabric Hardelot Stripe - outstanding water resistance fabric, Ideal for fixed and permanent installations located outdoors (awnings, pergolas, etc.), guarantees long-term colour fastness and excellent protection against UV rays and rain water.

This fabric must be fixed at an angle to increase its water repellence;
the fabric is not 100% waterproof and will let water through during heavy rain, or if fixed as a flat sheet.



Category: Awning and Outdoor Waterproof
Fabric Color: Green (8614)
Green (8614)
Fabric Color: Beige (8935)
Beige (8935)
Fabric Color: Grey (D312)
Grey (D312)
Fabric Color: Blue (D338)
Blue (D338)
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